Sell RSPS Accounts

Sell RSPS Account

Do you have an account on a RSPS server you'd like to sell? You've found the right place to sell it! Regardless of whatever server the account may be on, how much gold it has, what gear and items/bank it has, what skill stats it has - we have a dedicated team that are experts in the industry and will offer you a valuation of your account for no cost whatsoever!

Selling RSPS accounts is rather risky and not as streamlined as other account selling, as so many servers exist. We will buy your account instantly from you to sell to our customers after you accept our offer, meaning you will not have to sit around for weeks and months waiting for anyone to buy your account! Additionally, we prevent ALL chargebacks and fraud. This is because we pay you from our own PayPal/Skrill rather than having you paid from the buyer.

If you're concerned about how trustworthy is, then you can ease your worries by reading our thousands of vouches on Sythe and PowerBot! After doing so, we're confident that you'll be happy in selling a RSPS account to us.

Should you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 support. Otherwise, we're more than happy to get back to you after you fill in the form with an offer for your account!

Provide information

Provide Information

Fill out your account details for the account you'd like to sell.
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Receive your Quote

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Get Paid

You can accept the offer and get paid right away for your account.
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