Osrs mobile released!

Posted 1 year ago
Osrs mobile released!

Old School Mobile Release

On October 30th, Old School Mobile has been released for all players across all devices: Android and iOS, providing you meet the minimum requirements. The minimum requirements are iOS 10.0 or later (iPhone 5s+) and for Android, you require Android 5 (Lollipop) and higher,

The game launch has been very successful with it reaching the top 10 slots of the charts, and many players have subsequently returned after remembering the game from the childhood, or deciding to give it a try now there's an accessible mobile app. That said, all old player accounts have been wiped from their progress. On Old School Mobile release, a common complaint was they lost all of their stats, items and achievements from when they used to play around 10 years ago. This is because their progress is on RuneScape, the original version, commonly referred to as RuneScape 3. Old School RuneScape came around in 2013 and everyone was forced to start over. The game has taken a different direction and intends to preserve the Old School RuneScape feel, incorporating elements not heavily present in RuneScape 3, namely legacy combat, no micro-transactions, no influx of skills and PvP.

Should you login after Old School Mobile release, you are highly recommended to purchase membership and follow the Optimal Quest guide. Membership allows you to complete rewarding (in terms of progressing slow early levels/experience) quests and allows you to unlock faster training methods.

Many changes were made to welcome new players, such as revamping the iconic Tutorial Island to improve player retention rates. The mobile interface is especially designed to be user friendly - it isn't anything like the PC interface.

While the app is available globally for the most part, the app is not available for Android for users in: China, Cuba, Iran, Burma, Sudan and some others not explicitly listed by Jagex. For iOS, the app is not available for users in China.

With Old School RuneScape mobile, more worlds were introduced (to meet the increased amount of players) as well as features such as one-tap login. The game may usually have a peak of 80,000 players online, however, after the Old School Mobile release we easily saw 120,000+ players all tapping away on the game! In addition, you are able to purchase membership/bonds through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

If you are an experienced player of Old School RuneScape, the game allows you to play as you go out-and-about in the real world, with it being fully portable and consuming only a few megabytes of data per hour (very data-friendly!) Many players are already completing end-game content such as Zulrah with ease (after an adjustment and getting used-to-it period), and training all their favorite skills such as Zulrah. However, don't expect to be doing any 3-tick or tick manipulation methods with any ease due to the click-boxes and it being mobile - those activities can stick to PC, and you can simply do Barbarian Fishing in the AFK manner. However, the release of Old School Mobile even allows players to do passive-AFK methods and get lots of XP, such as splashing (clicking once every 20 minutes) and Ardy Knights (continuously clicking and opening coin pouches all-at-once after a long while). You can easily do the aforementioned whilst on the sofa watching your favorite TV show!

One of the biggest issues users experienced after the Old School Mobile release was users devices getting hot and consuming an absolute ton of battery. Jagex has replied to this claim and offers plenty of advice for users facing these issues. You can start by reducing your phone's brightness to lower battery usage - especially if you are in-doors, you can lower brightness to zero and still see your phone absolutely clearly. Whereas if you're outdoors the brightness may be a factor you can not compromise with due to sunlight. Turning off background apps certainly helps the phone's performance and battery, as well as this, Jagex recommends "medium battery saver mode". Adjusting the FPS is also a very viable solution, you can the FPS to 15-20-30 and things will run absolutely fine unless you're in an area like Zulrah, where you want higher FPS to react faster. Avoiding popular areas like the Grand Exchange may also make the game less demanding on your network and graphics.

You do not need to be a member to play this game, unlike the OSRS Mobile Beta. There are some known issues that Jagex has also acknowledged: such as interacting with cutscenes can stop further input. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard compatibility is another issue they mention, alongside Ice whip/Volcanic whip animations not appearing. There are some bigger issues such as interfaces in areas like Motherlode Mine not showing, quick-prayer not working when the minimap is hidden, and the smoke dungeon overlay not looking good. Jagex is fully aware of these issues and are looking to patch them as soon as viable.

Despite all of the issues, the launch of Old School Mobile has been very successful for them in terms of bringing a whole new population back into the game. There are hardly any other mobile games out there that can provide the level of content that Old School RuneScape does, which is why it has been proven to be a sound commercial venture on the part of Jagex. The game even runs on tablet devices, though has not been optimized entirely for tablets. There are some devices where you may experience issues until Jagex resovles them: chromebooks, ASUS Nexus 7, HTC Nexus 9, NVIDA Shield, Google Pixel C, Huawei P8 Lite. Unfortunately those devices are rather costly and are having issues, but the good news is Jagex is working on resolving them, and as the game is free-to-play you can check out the game yourself for free!

Ensure to have tons of fun when you're playing Old School RuneScape on your mobile device! It certainly is a fun experience and it makes the game accessible to an unprecedented level. While there are some issues, most users report a very positive and fun experience, and Jagex is working to resolve all the issues they are made aware of.

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