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Posted 11 months ago
osrs mobile

Old School RuneScape Mobile

With Old School RuneScape Mobile being in an open capped beta and having soft launches for Android, there's no better time to get into Old School RuneScape. This article will cover the release of OSRS Mobile and its impact on the game, so keep on reading out to find more!

How do I play Old School RuneScape Mobile?

Currently, OSRS Mobile is in open beta for Android. If you have membership, you can go to the Google PlayStore and should be able to download OSRS mobile for free! However, it is "capped" meaning not everyone will be able to download but they are constantly increasing the user limits to allow more people to have access as they receive more and more feedback.

There's also a soft launch for the Nordic region as well as Canada and more regions expected to come soon. The soft launch allows you to actually purchase membership and allows Free-To-Play players to participate, whereas they can not participate in the open beta. The soft launches are also not capped for users either, meaning anyone in those regions can download and play, as long as they have an Android device!

What about iOS OSRS Mobile?

Unfortunately, there's no open beta for iOS mobile. However, if you previously signed up for a beta, you may want to check your message center as there has been a closed beta sent to 10,000 people (a large chunk compared to before), and you may be able to play OSRS mobile on iOS!

It is expected that the iOS launch will come soon and there have been positive feedback from both Android and iOS, so while December 2017 was unrealistic, we're approaching the release very soon!

What can I do with OSRS Mobile?

Once you download OSRS mobile, you'll be able to access the game on the go, including outdoors, on the bus, friends houses - basically anywhere with an internet connection!

You may be concerned about OSRS data usage, but because the game was designed for the internet capabilities around in 2000s, which includes dial-up, the game actually only uses a few megabytes of data per hour! It is extremely conservative and this is because the game is a literal fork of the 2007 edition, not a recreation.

Additionally, battery usage is rather low compared to other games, and we are certain to receive further optimizations and performance improvements, alongside UI updates, over the upcoming months and years.

What are the limitations of OSRS Mobile?

Aside from some of the playerbase not being able to access it (though the majority can), of course the desktop UI and mobile UI will be different. The best thing to do is try out different tasks and get used to it, though we expect the OSRS Mobile UI will improve from feedback. Mobile users is certainly a demographic Jagex is targeting.

The UI of OSRS can make it difficult to 3-tick things, but you will be able to AFK any skill you want with ease, all whilst being downstairs and watching television! Hence we'd recommend you download OSRS mobile, it's worth having it installed and playing on it, doing AFK activities at the very least.

If you're looking to make full use of OSRS mobile, you will be able to complete Zulrah, Vorkath, Raids and more with ease once you get into a pattern! There's little holding you back.


If you're an Android user, you really need to download Old School RuneScape Mobile now! We've had nothing but positive experiences and it will make the game more accessible for you.

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